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rayna rayna rayna.

you fucking FAT bitch. you really need to learn how to back the fuck off peoples boyfriends. you have no right to be doing that. especially to a friend? yeah, i heard all about it. honestly, thats just fucking wrong. you’re so fake. you don’t belong on myspace. it’s people like you that should really get a life. you’re fucking fat as hell. you’re not cute. i don’t understand why you take so many pictures. i mean, you take up the whole god damn picture with your fat ass. you might think this is mean, but pay backs a bitch right? what goes around comes around. suck on that you dumb bitch. go back to eating your icecream. people shouldn’t even bother talking to you. i don’t even know why they do. you annoying bitch. ALRIGHT. khloe out! ps, you have horrible taste in music. i guess thats what fat people listen to these days.

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